Wharfedale Diamond 10.MX Subwoofer


New Ex-Demo Trade-In

The MX-Sub is a really good sub at a surprisingly affordable price. The in-house built 10" bass driver is quick and punchy, yet fast enough to deliver even obscured detail. The built-in 150W amplifier delivers deep extension and taut bass keeping the woofer under tight control. Like the rest of the Diamond series the MX-Sub’s cabinet is sturdy and well-braced, eliminating resonance. The MX-Sub is unobtrusive, measuring just over a cubic foot. Small footprint, big power, great price, that’s Wharfedale’s MX-Sub.

The most surprising and interesting feature of the MX-Sub is its crossover. The MX-Sub uses a 6 point crossover, rather than the more conventional infinitely variable crossover. This is an extremely valuable feature and very unusual at this price point; valuable because it allows precise and repeatable settings, essential for proper blending with a large variety of speakers. The crossover starts at 35Hz and increases in 10Hz increments all the way to 85Hz. This is an impressively thoughtful touch on a supremely affordable subwoofer.

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