REGA R-7 Loudspeakers


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Distinctly different and distinctly better! The R7 features the same transmission line design Rega employs in its current flagship speaker, RS10.

The Rega R7 Loudspeaker features a compact 2.5 way front-ported band-pass reflex design and is equipped with a side mounted, eight-layer voice coil bass unit in parallel with bass/midrange driver using a single inductor for the fastest bass response. It also utilizes Rega's ZRR (Zero Rear Reflection) tweeter which greatly enhances clarity of the high frequencies by eliminating unwanted internally reflected sound waves.

The R7 loudspeaker allows for tremendous flexibility in listening and room acoustics allowing you to choose placement allowing for inwards or outwards bass projection. The R7 has above average sensitivity at 89dB and Nominal Impedance of 6?. It slim profile is accentuated by its Natural Antique Cherry real wood veneer.


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