Primare SPA22 Integrated A/V Amplifier


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Multi-channel Amp and Video Processor

The SPA22 is a 5x120W integrated A/V amplifier and digital controller which debuted as the first of a new generation of Primare home entertainment products. The SPA22 represented a considerable evolutionary advance in terms of design, performance, user flexibility and versatility.

The SPA22’s comprehensively shielded heavy-duty steel chassis houses a newly developed modular design that allows for DSP, video and connections to be upgraded easily with proprietary Primare boards, incorporating thoroughly evaluated and optimised versions of the latest technologies and connectors. This makes the SPA22 an ideal surround and video processing platform.

Almost every parameter in the configuration of the SPA22 can be user defined. Any input can be assigned a name and associated with any audio and video source. Surround format, trigger activation and input sensitivity can be specified for the input. Individual levels, speaker types, crossover frequencies and delay configurations including bass management can be selected for each of the major surround formats. A 140ms global delay system, with dedicated DSP, is incorporated in order to achieve the best possible picture to sound synchronisation.

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