Primare R32 Phono Pre-Amplifier


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An “Effortlessly Involving” Sound

A high-quality phono preamplifier, the Primare R32 was designed with the discerning vinyl enthusiast firmly in mind. Capable of optimised operation with either moving magnet or moving coil phono cartridges, and with a number of user adjustments available, the R32 could be exactly what the doctor ordered!

Amongst pre-amplifiers ranging in price up to $2,700, the Primare R32 was awarded the title of overall winner, achieving a coveted “outstanding product” award representing “The pinnacle of quality within its group” by HiFi Choice magazine.

The R32 is housed in an aluminium chassis and is analogue in design throughout. It has no digital circuits. For sonic excellence and low noise, Primare’s signature dual-mono gdesign philosophy has been applied wherever possible, using the optimum mix of discrete lead-free components from the best Japanese and American semiconductor suppliers.

The mains transformer is of the R-core type, recognised in the audiophile world for its almost non-existent hum and low magnetic leakage. Even so, to protect the sensitive signal circuits from any possible interference a shield-plate effectively divides the R32’s electronic design into distinct sections. The transformer is placed in the corner of one section, the signal-carr ying circuits in the opposite corner of the other.

Output and input RCA connectors are gold plated and have Teflon insulation to preserve the quality of the delicate low level signal from the car tridge. In an upgrade from the R20, the R32 includes a relay controlled mute circuit for silent power on and off.

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