Wharfedale Diamond 240 Loudspeakers


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Clear, Strong, Pure, Transparent, Desirable.

The Wharfedale Diamond 240 Tower Loudspeaker Conveys Music With Engaging High-End Sound That Brings You Closer to Your Favorite Artists. Wharfedale Diamond 240 Lets You Hear What You've Been Missing at a Cost You Can't Afford to Resist: Enhanced Design, Construction, Performance, and Looks Yield Huge Dividends Uncontaminated, clear, strong, transparent, rare, desirable: The Wharfedale Diamond 240 tower loudspeaker shares many of the enviable properties with the prized gemstone from which it takes its name.

A three-way floorstander anchored by two 6.5-inch bass drivers and a 5.1-inch midrange driver, Diamond 240 delivers high-end sound defined by immaculate highs, smooth mids, taut bass, and immersive dynamics. A price-to-performance breakthrough, it brings you closer to the music your cherish by revealing sought-after details, nuances, and information in recordings that further enhance your emotional bond to favorite artists.

Diamond 240 lets you hear what you've been missing at a cost you can't afford to resist. The result of decades of research and development, multiple enhancements transform its design, construction, performance, and looks. Upgraded speaker materials, woven Kevlar woofers, fine-tuned crossovers, updated bass and treble units, and a slot-loaded port help account for the speaker's outstanding abilities. But the real allure of Diamond 240 is that it lets you sit back, relax, and focus on what really matters – the music.

Diamond 240 will shine as the jewel of any system. Let it be yours. Acoustic Technology Diminishes Coloration, Blocks Unwanted Cabinet Noise Ongoing research into new cabinet materials and loudspeaker drivers yields the foundation for Diamond 240, which improves upon its predecessors.

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