Primare DVDI-10 Integrated Amplifier & DVD Player


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"The bulletproof build quality and sophisticated looks make it an eye-catching home cinema centrepiece."

The DVDI10 from Primare boasts a brawny build quality, with all-over metallic bodywork, a thick front panel and three isolation feet on the bottom. The fascia is finished in brushed black but the unit is also available in Titanium if that floats your boat. Typical of primare, they’ve provided numerous ways to connect, you’ll find HDMI component, S-video, composite outputs, as well as a SCART socket, three sets of analogue stereo inputs, two sets of outputs, a subwoofer pre-out plus optical and coaxial digital audio outputs.

It delivers wonderfully clean and evocative images, bursting with vivid-yet-natural colours, ocean-deep blacks and shedloads of crisply rendered detail. Even more impressive is the DVDi10’s sound quality, which is no real surprise given the hi-fi pedigree behind.


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