KEF Q700 Floor Standing Loudspeakers


New Ex- Demo Trade-In

This is an dealer ex-demo pair of KEF Q700 loudspeakers with an English Walnut finish. These gently used speakers have less than 200 hours of total playing time and are an amazing value ready to fit into a wide range of systems.

Just because the Q700 is the middle child of the Q Series tower speakers doesn't mean it received less attention to detail. With its Uni-Q driver array and three substantially-sized bass driver, the KEF Q700 Floorstanding Loudspeaker is the perfect addition to your dream home theater or sound system.

The Q700 features a specially-voiced 6.25 inch aluminum Uni-Q driver with a 1 inch vented aluminium dome tweeter at its acoustic center, which sits above three 6.25 inch bass drivers. This combination of drivers produces an accurate representation of the human voice, a true reproduction of instrumentation, and undistorted bass that can be exactly as powerful as you want it to be.

Below the Uni-Q driver array are three stacked 6.25 inch bass drivers working in tandem to quickly and efficiently produce a range of low frequencies. The drivers' construction, alongside the Q700 cabinet, reduces additional and unwanted bass resonance, meaning you'll never experience muddy bass.

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