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Straight Wire has been at the forefront of High-Definition Multimedia Interface "HDMI" digital cable technology being one of the first manufacturers to introduce longer length cables to meet the original HDMI standard. It is because Straight Wire has a strong high precision manufacturing base and the technical know-how that is absolutely critical in the digital domain; Straight Wire has been able to bring to the market successful problem-free HDMI and DVI cables that conform to standards at very reasonable prices.

As the HDMI standards continue to evolve, Straight Wire has continued to provide top level reference performance and by buying a better quality HDMI cable now, it is more likely to also perform in the future. For situations requiring longer lengths, Super HDMI cables are recommended. By allowing your equipment to perform at the level it was designed to, an appropriate cable will simply give you more realistic and life like video images.

All the Straight Wire HDMI cables are "certified" for speed. For further information regarding HDMI versions and connectivity visit

  • Silver coated 24 guage OFC large conductors with precision internal windings
  • Gold HDMI plugs
  • Black Mesh protection
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