Wadia 151 PowerDac Mini Integrated Amplifier


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Since its inception, Wadia Digital has always been on the cutting edge of digital technology. The Power DAC mini is the result of sheer ingenuity combining with today’s new modern digital sources. This product is best described as a DAC with a 50-watt integrated amplifier bolted to it, but that does not capture the innovation inside the PowerDAC mini. It’s literally just a digital-to-analog converter with gain, meaning that the signal stays in the digital domain, untouched by gain stages that add distortions, right until the signal exits as an analog waveform. you’ll experience the most natural portrayal of musical instruments and voices you have ever heard from such a compact device.

The 151 PowerDAC mini measures 2”x 8”x 8” (H/W/D); making it an ideal audio solution for modern living and work spaces. Wadia incorporates two SPDIF digital coax inputs, one Toslink input and one USB input for easy connection with most computers and digital sources. At 50 watts (4 ohms), it has the power to drive many currently available speakers. With an LED Backlit Display, volume control, mute, phase and input buttons on its face and an IR remote control; the 151 is elegant in its simplicity.

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