Wharfedale Jade 5 Loudspeakers


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Stupendous-Sounding Wharfedale Jade 5 Tower Loudspeakers Reproduce Musical Architecture and Nuanced Detail With Rare Poise, Clarity, and Power: Hear What You've Been Missing.

Hear musical foundations and textural architecture set up before your eyes with utmost accuracy and dimensionality via the acclaimed Wharfedale Jade 5 tower loudspeakers. Free of any artificial character or distracting imbalance, these wondrously neutral and balanced speakers play with an uncommon blend of power, purity, clarity, and control. No matter what type of music you play, Jade 5 places instruments and vocals in their own distinct spaces with ample separation and multi-dimensional imaging. Two 6.5-inch Acufibre bass cones ensure Jade 5 digs deep down into the low frequencies for that extra bit of power and oomph that makes so many songs and compositions come alive. You'll also savor exceptional high-frequency extension that captures the tail end of notes, and allows them to naturally decay as they do in a live environment. And need we say how extraordinarily beautiful these floorstanders look? Once you see them in person, you'll know you're getting nothing but top-of-the-line high-end quality.

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